Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marketing Processes and Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Marketing Processes and Planning - Essay Example This game is designed for indoor use only. It can be oprated by Apple iOS devices such as iPod, iPod (5Th generation) and iPhone. PESTLE Analysis is an essential and significant tool for analysis of computer and robotic game company i.e. Anki. It will help to find out macro economic factors which are the issues in this industry. This analysis will tell about the advantages and disadvantage of computer and robotic game industry in terms of political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental. Anki is going to launch their new product in the UK market. Anki Drive is a new era of game. It can face lots of problem in the UK market, related to government policies. However, the video game industry market of UK is largest market of Europe and third largest in the world. According to a report the UK market generated $5.2 billion of revenues from video game industry (Newzoo, 2012). The UK market can earn more profit, if this new and unique car racing game is launched in this market. It helps the UK market to increase employments. The price of Anki Drive in the US is $199.99 and when it will be launch to the UK market it price becomes  £119.21 (direct currency conversation) plus export charge or trading charge of product it may go up to  £160 (approx. value, since the price factor may vary with loan factors between this two nations). Trade between these two nations’ shares the global largest foreign direct investment partnership. Hence, there will be no issue between these two nations in terms of economic. In the UK market there are a huge number of Apple product users. Hence, it cannot be a major problem with Anki in terms of social issue in the UK market. Since, Anki Drive is only supported by iOS’ compatible products i.e. iPhone and iPad. Here, technological factor for Anki can be considered as product quality of Anki Drive. However, Anki’ is a new company and willing to lead the global market. Hence, they

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