Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Business Communication Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Communication - Term Paper Example In fact my personal life has become developed and my personality has grown as a result of the same (Markus 2005). My daily work activities are now managed in a much better way than these used to be in the past. I have come to know exactly how to speak to a set of audience and in what attire I should be donned in when I am giving a presentation or influencing a set of audience. The business communication ranks have helped me immensely within my grooming domains and given me a chance to explore my truest basis with the passage of time. It has made me feel that I am a valuable member of the business clan and that my work realms are very significant towards the business undertakings in the time and age of today. The trends that I have seen in my current workplace domains have been slightly different from what these used to be in my former workplaces. I have understood that within these quarters I have been able to see things through within the ranks of business communication which was no t the case in the past. I have been able to manage myself in accordance with the growing business communication trends which have to be understood by people like me so that we can grow and develop with the passage of time. ... ave seen people adapt to formal routines and procedures more than the informal methodologies which were adapted within the previous workplaces where I was employed. Now I am better able to acquaint myself with the changing business communication dynamics more than these used to be coherent within my previous workplace domains (Eckhouse 1999). Hence I feel that now I am at a better place than where I used to be in the past. It gives me a vital point of advantage over the other employees who are in the process of coming to ranks with the changing business communication regimes. The message types that result from such business communication trends which have been emerging of late include the fact that only those individuals make it to the top who believe in the power of business communication and employ it to their best advantage. They perceive business communication would be of success towards their own domains and would help them grow and develop their own selves in an amicable and tr uly fulfilling way. This shall make them stand out from the crowd and make their positions apparent within the formal mix of things as far as the organizational regimes are concerned. More than anything else, the message types that are coming to the fore include the likes of establishing new trends that are wholly based on the patterns of allowing nearly everyone to be a part of the formal business communication quarters and thus giving them a chance to manifest their truest selves through hard work, commitment and a sense of being loyal towards their own skills and abilities. All said and done, I believe that any organization would dearly require that its employees believe in the premise of business communication and give their best so that not only their own growth and development regimes

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