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Rethinking Performance Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Rethinking Performance Management - Essay Example In regards to such the paper tends to analyse the performance management system in the light of motivational theories and employee and organisational productivity parameters. Introduction Performance management is defined as an ongoing process with respect to communication which is undertaken between the employees and the immediate supervisors which tends to establish a clear, shared understanding and expectation about the work that is to be performed. It is a system which included various components which are needed in the system of performance management in order to add value in the organisation, the mangers and finally the staffs (Bacal, 2011, p.4). Performance management is said to be critical and necessary component both for individual and organisation effectiveness. Performance managements is all about assessment and feedbacks and real and effective gains in performance requires committed and thoughtful process of feedbacks and evaluation. An important part in the performance m anagement is the process of PM. Personal today has stated that performance management have existed for more than 80 years. According to research done by Personnel Today has revealed that poor performance still is an important and prevailing issue in more than 96% of the organisation. This paper aims to find out the reason as to why poor performance still tends to be an important issue. In the process of measuring performance management, there are many various steps which are required to complete the performance management process. Managing performance in the organisation usually requires an understanding of the context through which the process ends to occur. However the reality is that performance management needs to start at an early stage before the employees start to work with the strategic objectives and also before acting on the core values of the company or the organisation (Cardy & Leonard, 2011, p.3). Main Findings Critical Evaluation of the Process and Core Components of a Performance Management System Performance management is termed as a process and not an event. It is necessary to improve and maintain the performance of the organisation and the individual. Without receiving feedbacks or evaluation, there exist no basis for improving and maintaining the performance. Thus in order to maximise the performance, a careful as well as committed approach is required in the process of feedback and evaluation. But an effective performance management is a tool that just not requires evaluation and feedbacks but much more than it. It involves various numbers of steps and each is crucial for the performance to be improved and maintained. Figure 1: Performance management model (Source: Tansky & Heneman, 2006, p.117) As shown in the above diagram, performance management involves diagnosis which means that the performance needs to be observed in relation with the cause for the performance and the required changes which are necessary to make. In addition to

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