Sunday, January 19, 2020

Laptops - Dell, Apple, HP Essay -- Economics Dell Computers Technology

Laptops - Dell, Apple, HP Supply is the amount of a product suppliers are willing to make and sell at a number of possible prices. The firm that I have chosen are a multinational company called ?Dell?. My firm that I have chosen to use produces many products such as; computers, handheld computers, laptops, printers, mouse and keyboards, flat monitor screens. It also sells computer accessories and separate repair parts like; hard-disks, DVD-RW drives. It sells products like CD-RW and DVD-RW disks which you can copy movies or games or songs onto them, they sell these as complementary goods of a DVD and CD player. Dell?s type of ownership is a multinational company whose firm objectives are to have profit growth and ?to cease an increase in their product sales?, meaning they get a bigger part of the market demand for that particular product. They are an incorporated company as in they do have USA or UK parts to their company. E.g. their internet sites, they have separate internet sites like and .com for all around the world. There is something called VAT/tax levied on their products, which is 17.5% on top of their selling price. The VAT/tax does not actually belong to Dell, it belongs to the government, and this is how the government get their money to dish out to separate parts of the market to help hospitals so that the public get satisfaction of safety. I have enclosed a catalogue at the end of this essay for evidence on all of there products. Demand is the amount of a product demanded by customers at a certain price over a certain period of time. Customers seek to gain satisfaction from each purchase they make, which links in with the ?feel good factor?. To be an effective demand consumer m... ... What types of computers have you seen advertised and are broadcasted either on the television or the radio that you can remember? 3. When you have gone abroad, have you noticed any of Dell?s adverts or promotional campaigns anywhere? 4. Have you ever bought any of Dell?s products that were on special offers? 5. Where did you hear about Dell? 6. What shops do you know that sell Dell?s products? 7. When talking about computers is Dell ever mentioned? I have completed a survey at PC World, which sells all sorts of varieties of computers laptops and computer equipment in general. I then recorded many laptops of each make they had on show in their store. Dell 28 Hp 21 Acer 16 Apple 7 So as you can see from this set of results. I then asked the manager of the store and he told me that the best selling laptop was Dell.

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