Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Christmas Traditions Essay -- essays research papers

In every culture or tradition we have our varied ways to celebrate Christmas. In Latin culture we have our unique way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We of course have religious ceremonies as well as our traditional food, like the famous ponche, posole, and tamales. But we also celebrate as whole family members house. We have music, we dance, and of course we stay up entirely night. The most important way to celebrate our posadas is to have baby Jesus the house.The posadas are one of the typical events during a Christmas celebration in Latin America. A posada consist of walking and looking for a place where Virgin bloody shame and Saint Joseph can spend the night and rest before continuing with their large journey to Bethlehem. Two persons usually represent Saint Joseph and Virgin Mary. In this event, all the battalion of the community come and participate in this mini-recreation. All the people sing, pray, and even cry when asking for a posada. They use candles and incens e to accompany these two Saints. They usually walk all over the neighborhood to find a place. They go from house to house asking for permission to stay and spend the night to rest. Part of a posada is to have people denied the use of their house. So Mary and Joseph continue with their search, until they get to the house that lets them stay. This house is usually decorated with flowers, jade, statue of animals and lights. The people offer food for all the participants and music. Piatas and contests are also part ...

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