Thursday, May 30, 2019

Clifford Olson: Canadian Serial Killer Essay -- Biography Biographies

Clifford Olson Canadian Serial KillerClifford Olson is one of Canadas well known ordered killers. He showed no sign of sympathy for the public all throughout his life and would eventually end up killing many innocent multitude and spending a good portion of his life in jail. Clifford Olson was born on January 1st 1940, in Vancouver, British Columbia. While he was growing up he was always in anaesthetize. Even as a child in school her was referred to as a bully and not a straitlaced kid. Then as he grew up things didnt change for the better the just got worse. As a teenager and young adult Olson found himself in trouble with the law quite frequently. From the year of 1951 to 1981 ( ages 17-21) he had 94 arrests. He was put in jail for some of them and served time for cries ranging from fraud to armed robbery. While in prison Olson was known for two things. One was for being a homosexual rapist and the second was for being a snitch, and helping out the police. Olson helped the pol ice by travelting his friend named Garry Marcoux (also in jail), to give a detailed description and confession to raping and mutilating a nine year old girl. Somehow Olson was able to get Marcoux to write down his confession. Olson them gave this to police and it was used to convict Marcoux of that crime. Once Olson had served his time and was released he went to live with the mother of is son. One would have thought that he had wise(p) his lesson and would try to turn his life around. However very unfortunately that was not the case. In November of 1980 A young girl, 12 years old, named Christine Weller went missing. She would later prove to be one of Olsons first murder victims. Christine was abducted from her home in Surrey, BC. Her mutilated body ... ...ack of his van, police found an address book containing the name of Judy Kozma. Along with this and other severalise the police were able to charge Clifford Olson with the murder of Judy Kozma 6 days later. Olson knew that he was going to be put back in jail and was suspected on some of the other murders that he had committed.. So Olson made a deal with the prosecution. In his deal Olson s family, (wife and son) were to be paid $10,000 for each of his victims. This was very controversial. In exchange Olson would provide the information on the known murders and gave the police direction to 6 outstanding bodies. Olson kept his part of the deal and so did the prosecution. The money was paid to Olsons family on schedule. On January 11th 1982, Clifford Olson pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder. For this he was sentenced to 11 concurrent life terms in prison.

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