Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Notes on Different types of customers

Dealing with client sound offts why do customers complain? Customers complain mainly because of bad customer process The product they received is of bad quality not happy because of the staff Delayed flights not good service untidy accommodation product they received was not as it was descriptive. Not a not seats on the plane not getting what they indispensability queues why do organizations need to know about customer complaints? To contain their reputation keep one customer happy expand business keep customers keep business to improve o fix one problem How to deal with customers?Offer a discount or a complimentary spot such as a drink. Food item etc. ) or a refund If they take It further ask If want to speak to the four-in-hand Reply a. s. A. P start by apologizing Dont interrupt whilst they are complaining Ask whats wrong face to face offer something else e-mail written chat make it formal be sympathetic make eye contact Listen suggest the course of action check the custome r is happy with the resolution and ask them if there is anything else you can do for them. Keep calm keep customer informed at all times Why is It Important to descend a complaint? O keep the customers happy so you will get customer loyalty so you dont get a bad depict/reputation of you or the organization To prevent it from happening again so I OFF quality of service they give how good their products are marginal standard of quality procedures they follow Equally With respect Fairly Friendly Welcomed well With a helpful manner NIce Politely Regardless of the customer type all customers have different needs. A hen party traveling to London for the weekend. Transfers Accommodation Group accommodation rah receptionInformation on local nightlife several(predicate) types of customers Mobility Pre-boarding Disable Access Guides Wider corridors Handrails Ramps Treated with respect and equally Special seating Bigger facilities Information about excursions suitable for their needs Spec ial cabins/accommodation specifically for the disabled Lifts Visually impaired Braille White stick Career Guide dogs Assistance Be sensitive Hearing impaired Hearing forethought Hearing loop Lip reader Sign language translator Speak loud and clearly Signs Devices to help them in case of an emergency el calling people, phone ringing, fire alarm going off Cultures/Countries Health documents Leaflets in their language Maps in their language Treat them equally and with respect right-hand staff Injection Visas/Passports Currency exchange Insurance Translator antique/Confused Treated with respect Show empathy Speak slowly and clearly leave sure they understand the information they were confused about Communication methods best suited to the customers needs. Hearing Written, Face to face (For lip readers) Visual Telephone, Verbally Elderly Face to face, verbally Different language Written diagrams

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