Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping Dissertation

Advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping - Dissertation ExampleBranding might suffice a person to shop on-line because that person is looking for specific firebrands that might non be available in stores. On the other hand, brand might work to encourage people to shop high street shops, because these shops do a more effective job of branding then do on-line stores. Therefore, it is necessary to examine what branding is. Branding began with the modern age. Modern consumption is also driven by the choices that were being offered in modern society, choices that were non offered in earlier societies, before mass production of goods became the norm. This mass production had a side effect as well, one that would influence the post-modern individuals obsession with labels and de signalizeers branding became essential, as there were so many goods flooding the market, that companies needed to distinguish their goods from the multitude of other goods that were coming into existe nce. According to Naomi Klein, this led to private-enterprise(a) branding and, ultimately, to the rise of designer labels, such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Because brands are essentially the same Coke is not really that practically diverse from Pepsi, Reebok is not much different than Nike, Apples are not appreciably different from PCs companies must find a federal agency to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Goldman & Papson argue that this has led to a rather cluttered landscape for the world of advertising, as each brand tries to get a leg up on their competitors by branding themselves as somehow different from the rest. One way is by attacking and counterattacking such as when MCI named AT&T in their advertisements for friends and family, thereby gaining market share away from AT&T, AT&T went on the defensive, deriding MCIs friends and family program as a manipulator of personal relations because the program involved giving MCI a persons information wi thout that persons knowledge. Another way is by showing what a product is not such as when Pringles potato chips transposed an image of their light chip with that of a guy take greasy chips that dripped on his shirt (Goldman & Pappas, 1996). Because brands have a hard time saying that their product is better than the other guys, they instead seek to raise their symbolic image value LL Beans flannel shirts may be the same in quality as Wal-Marts, but the image of wearing an LL Beans shirt makes the value more than Wal-Mart. It is all about the image that has been carefully cultivated in the advertisements for these brands, where the product and the image coming together is known as a commodity sign. This is what is meant when somebody says that one is paying for the name (Goldman & Pappas, 1996). Identity became a construct of consumption, in that people, both men and women, started using consumption not as a way to express ones identity, but to construct it - brands are how we f igure out who we are.(Kacen, 2000). This reflects the fluidity of an individuals identity, and reflects that gender identity is also a fluid concept, as impertinent to a fixed attribute (Kacen, 2000). Part of this was made possible by the Nikes and Tommy Hilfigers of the world who are not just selling products, but the image that their brand connotes. Therefore, mere manufacturing has been replaced by marketing (Klein, 2000). Price discounting may to differentiate ones brand from other brands because of the problem of brand similarity. There is some distinction that price discounting may actually hurt a stores image and the brand image, and that it might not build sales (Grewal et al., 1998). Therefore, whether or not it actually works depends on other factors. One factor is known as the perceived discount. According

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