Monday, June 24, 2019

Answers to Cases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Answers to Cases - Essay ExampleThe toxic plume caused massive eat of birds and fish. Moreover, it contaminated the drinking water of almost 2.5 million people. Acid mine drainage is another negative consequence of princely extraction. This can affect the surroundings for a long term period if the governments and communities do not take any kind of initiative. Stakeholder Theory Approach This case study is focused on negative impact of gold mining on the environment. A business firm can address to some(prenominal) opinion of different stakeholders linked with a particular issue through a stakeholder approach. There are two stakeholder categories namely market and non-market stakeholders. This part of the report will discuss about the part of these two types of stakeholders. Market Shareholders In this particular case shareholders, employees and customers can be considered as the market stakeholders. Employees and the customers are considered as the key stakeholders of an organiz ation. The workers of gold mining fellowship know that using huge earth moving machines and dangerous explosive materials can crate risk to their health. This environmental conflict can force the employees to perk up their voice against the gold mining process. On the other hand, shareholders always try to buy the share of these companies as gold is considered as one of the expensive metals. Customers alike try to consume gold as the demand of this metal will continuously increase in future. Non-Market Shareholders Government, communities and several(prenominal) non-governmental organizations are considered as the non market stakeholders. It is significant for the government to develop several environmental policies and laws for the gold mining organizations to reduce the level of environment pollution. Huge explosive materials and Cyanide heap-leaching is causing death of humans and animals (Lottermoser, 2010, p.27). Ultimately, the ecological balance and safety of community i s getting affected due to these gold mining activities. Community is another important stakeholder. Several villages and communities near the gold mines are getting affected. The villagers do not understand danger of the several collected hazardous liquid metals. More than 1000 individuals became ill due to the pestilential effect of these metals. The nongovernmental organizations are also considered as the non market stakeholders. The gold mining organizations are trying to utilize several evil mining materials to extract much number of gold metals. Several business support group are helping these organizations to secure the profit margin and financial stability. These activities are ultimately impact the environment and health of several human beings and non-human animals. However, government is trying to initiate several awareness campaigns in order to the environmental conflict with the help of several NGOs. Stakeholder Map Several gold mining organizations are using Cyanide heap-leaching and heavy earth mover to maximize their gold mining. Cyanide is a deadly poison. The waste water and materials are generally spilled into the river. It causes death of several birds and fish. On the other hand, process of metal extraction seriously pollutes the air. It can cause several human diseases. The following stakeholder map will help to determine the position of all the stakeholders, such as employees,

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