Friday, June 21, 2019

Strategic Marketing of The North Face Case Study

Strategic Marketing of The North guinea pig - Case Study ExampleThe company obtains a competitive position of the trade and a virile band image. Its innovations and product development strategies support its further growth and open new market opportunities. When product life cycles are short (or consumers demands are changed) scientific improvement becomes an essential requirement of company strategy.The aim of strategic marketing is to meet the needs and expectations of customers, and the organizations ability and capacity to satisfy them. For this matching process to shine place successfully, a company must understand who is the customer and what value is required, and how best to deliver this value on a sustainable basis in line with the organizations overall corporate accusatives. The North Face is one of the companies which develops unique strategies and marketing approach in order to compete on the market and growing sales. The North Face is a specialty retailer which de signed, manufactured and sold high school character reference outdoor equipment and clothing (Mezzatesta and Cook 743).The mission of the North Face is to reach wider target market and expend its activities to new markets. The strategic aim is a continuous growth and expansion into new products. High quality is use as a strategic weapon and the aim of The North Face is to maintain high quality standards at costs lower than competitors. The current objective of the company is to find the best way to distribute the new skiwear line. Also, the objective is to remain a market leader and strengthen its dealer structure somewhat the world. 3.2. External EnvironmentThe North Face operates on the dynamic market where the main objective is to maintain successful marketing communication strategies, implement high product quality and develop strategies to improve customer relations and manufacturing. The purpose of the North Face is to get and keep a customer proposing high quality innovati ve products. Political- legal forces acting upon the North Face allocate power and provide constraining and protecting laws and regulations. The company does not influenced greatly by political and legal changes. In spite of the fact that the North Face is a US-based company, it is affected by international trade regulations and laws. Environmental changes suggest that the opening up of the market and the resultant increased competition has widened the perspective of the planning framework with profound implications. Thus, the main threat for the North Face is that its competitors begin to copy its products. The social surroundings includes general forces that do not directly touch on the short. Economic forces regulate the exchange of materials, money, energy, and information. This environment proposes great challenges for the North Fac

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