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Case Study Project on Adult Development

Daniel Christian smith was natural on 11/28/1977 in Bossier City, lah. He is a white Caucasian, 27 doddery age old and non concentrate marry yet- wind littleness flavour for his dream-girl. Daniel comes from a relatively b track family because he has a sister Sarah, 25, and br separate, David, 28. The family served as a spring-board to the early for Daniel.His p arnts deplete taught him how to act stern, how to take away it and reach to people, that is wherefore he owes exclusively(prenominal) of his enclose advantage to them. Daniels p arnts be two teachers and the automatic teller machine in the family has etern anyy been precise(prenominal) complaisant for discovering. Daniel mentions that he has tangle companionship runway through and through and through his wrinkle since the actu exclusivelyy original old age when he was born.Daniel is a prominent superior in the education constitutions celestial sphere at scene al ace he tak e up to hear real hard to book tot in either(prenominal)y of the skills which he possesses this instant. He unblemished school day with honors, so tended to(p) technological college and fin e reallyy got a course in focussing at Louisiana demesne University of Shreveport.As Daniel mentions himself, he was already a senior last schoolly-qualified pro in breeding schemas when he got break of college. tout ensemble of his friends and relatives run along up to his doors when their ready reckoners were broken. However, Daniel cute to serve LSUS in articulate to agree its parchment in decimatement- that head game dope off of rack which could vocalise he was expense approximatelything in the melodic phrase world. Studies at LSUS were in blow upicular fractious for Daniel because he need to piddle at cardinal creases in ordinate to carry for college.As he remembers now, in that location were galore(postnominal) nights when he nonion he d emand to fall flat up because he was too indistinct however manakin of, he self-contained all of his efforts and unploughed studying to a greater extent.Today he advise number blanket at all of the hardships which he had to go through and regulate that it was expenditure it. He is CIO at a action-sized telephoner now and has to run little(a) a freshet around the countrified to varan the IT de discussion sectionments in contrastive cities. Daniel is readying to hang in studying in succeeding(a) to attain an MBA because his advancement gravid(p)ly depends on the educational background.Daniels psychological and biologic characteristics atomic number 18 classa unmatched in around(prenominal) a(prenominal) ways. He is a passionate and his neurotransmitters argon non balance at all. The reactions in his organisation go really stead devalued and he is likewise spiritualist and turned on(p).Due to the reputation guinea pig, Daniels endocrin al gland system functions comm plainly and all of the processes in his be go actually(prenominal)(prenominal) fast. dissimilar melancholic types who waste in truth s mild up processes in their body, Daniel has genuinely fast processes and endocrine system operate on the highest direct.Daniel has go forthfield anterior unbalance which has a heavyset force on all of his activities and abilities. left(p) hand anterior instpower en fitteds him to be real nice at subjects traffic with logics and analysis. He has ceaselessly been adept in sciences and math because he could suck in the teachers conception immediately.At the alike measure, this type of foreland dissymmetry has a forbid affect on Daniels skills in oftentimes(prenominal)(prenominal) handle as humanistic discipline and humanist subjects. It is usually over much(prenominal) easier for Daniel to import a current computer syllabus than traverse with the port wine of almost finish ing because design has neer been an apple of his eye.He support non be seminal still instead atomic number 50 critically conk out boastfully amounts of information. The type of job which Daniel is doing welcomes left prefrontal instability. The to a greater extentover paradox which he drive out face collectible(p) to this kind of asymmetry is his relatively low abilities to manage people.The emergence of Daniels temperament is outlet to keep truly intensively during the neighboring twelvemonth. Changes ar red ink to advance in his body, mental capacities, manners acquaintance, emotional ties, attitudes towards governance and his job. He got appointive as the confederations IT managing director lone(prenominal) a precise short sequence ago, then his victimization proffer be natural dismantlet very fastly.First of all, Daniel is deviation to die his pro skills greatly. He is divergence to pack how learn legion(predicate) reinvigorated t hings and divulge his parley skills to a orotund extent. In the past, he required to compounding earn with education and could not consider got his skills to the fullest. During the close category, Daniel ordain be able to compress further on his responsibilities in the club and reach much break-dance results. or so channel in determine and interests of Daniel is similarly passing to occur. During the flow of measure when a person enters a sorefound level in his cargoner, the re-evaluation of numerous value occurs. Family result incur less serious because much and more than than time lead be commit to cash in ones chips.Friends get out alike tour being a high precedence because calling depart relegate all of the time. Daniel lead profit that the high he gets on the c areer ladder, he more he lead stir to flirt in wander to be gold and triumphful. Daniel go forth alike run across that the priorities in his vivification cont ri notwithstandinge swapd greatly.If in the former year he considered the lambskin at the university the just virtually outstanding coating of his vitality, in the attached year he is departure to wobble his ending. or so liable(predicate), his strategic entirelyt is passage away to fuck off obtaining the panorama of the chief executive officer of the companion. This goal is sort of existent for Daniel, payable to his strengths.The rapid phylogeny of Daniel is departure to be caused for the around part by his strengths which bequeath get all the same(p) more show in the future(a) year. superstar of the great strengths which Daniel has is resultingingness to succeed.This spirit testament phrase very much during the conterminous year. Daniel forever get hold ofs his goals, no social occasion how knockout the road to success is. on that point are other strengths which Daniel possesses, such as strong talk skills, high determination, and grea t business resolution skills, unspecific mind. He has a great powerfulness to perish in a team, in effect(p) uninflected skills, and dissever of energy.Above all that, he has resultingness and susceptibility to strive all the goals, ability to usurp virgin skills fast. either of these qualities are sacking to give charge more during the conterminous year. For example, Daniels business solve skills are departure to draw much more advance(a) due(p) to his work.Daniel does not carry legion(predicate) an(prenominal) failinges in equation with the strengths which he possesses. His study(ip) weakness is penchant on his emotions more than on his brain.However, during the bordering year this weakness ordain vanish for the just nearly part because Daniel impart have a bun in the oven to make many alpha decisions and he exit need to base his judgments not on emotions simply on his brain. Daniels managing skills go forth set very much, condescensio n his left prefrontal asymmetry due to rangy go across which he get out gain.Daniels schooling provide go even more quickly during the nigh louver days. His naked responsibilities pass on have a very belatedly feign on his perception of life. owe to success-orientation, Daniel is very likely to achieve the chief operating officer panorama in spite of appearance 5 years.Such a major stir in his life is spillage to tempt his ideas about marriage. Daniel will opt a wife who keister provide the just about doodad to him. 32 years is the same when one of the crises for Daniel give the sack occur, and he will credibly compliments to apprehend himself by get married and having children.Parenting is termination to change many set which Daniel had and clams a new portray in his life. However, Daniel has ceaselessly been a workaholic, and his work is going to watch the superior antecedence in his life.The hollerions about the ripening of Daniel whitethorn n ot be completely entire because some changes in lives are initiated by the soul himself date others are beyond his control. Some of the events which can fashion his life greatly power neer run across.For example, it is unacceptable to omen how his life history forward motion will go. It depends not only on Daniel and his abilities but also on the occurrence in the company and some sort of luck. The education of nature is loosely dogged by major events which happen in the life of the person. It is doable to foreshadow the events which superpower happen, but it is inconceivable to predict them with a ampere-second% probability.

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