Monday, June 17, 2019

The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, Essay - 1

The growth in internet use has affected cultures around the world, leading to a westernised, homogenous world culture - Essay ExampleWith the use of the Internet, multi-national businesses are giving tough time to the local business in the east countries. However, the existence is much more different than this argument. The local businesses in these parts of world do not face much commerce problems with the emergence of the Internet sort of they are getting more benefits. Some believe that the Eastern young person culture is being negatively affected by the onslaught of the Westernization. The Eastern youth adopts the Western life styles. However, the core cultural values and beliefs in any of Eastern culture guard maintained their inbuilt structure and existence in its original shape. This fact can be validated by the fact the religion of Islam, which represents a major segment of culture prevalent in the Eastern societies, is the fastest growing religion in the world. In the s ubsequent parts of this paper, first the notion of Westernization and the Internet have been included to provide the basic taking into custody close the Westernization and the use of Internet to promote the western values. Subsequent to that, a part describing the Internet and Business is mentioned to highlight the impacts of the Internet in the local and planetary business context. Before the conclusion, the Internet, Westernization and youth culture part has been included to differentiate between the impacts of the westernization and the actual youth culture values and norms.Globalization has often been apply as a substitute for (i) internationalization (ii) universalization (iii) liberalization (iv) Westernization (v) deterritorialization (Scholte 2005). He contends that the first four uses remain unsatisfactory mainly because they fail to provide anything novel about the current era. The concept of cultural invasion is based on the notion that the infiltration of Western val ues into the Eastern societies. The Eastern societies do not have similar culture,

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